Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I say again, DOOM

Heed my words: Doom is nigh.

There shall come from the northeast, a man who claims noble linage from the cowboy south. He shall loose in numbers, but instead claim victory. He shall ignite a religious fervor in the most ancient of lands causing many to rally against he and his elitist ways (but will the numbers be in sufficient enough quantity?) He shall count among his ranks a dangerously conceited and secretive man to cover tracks and engage in measures of the most destructive. He shall leave such messes that it will require administrations for at least a decade to clean up. He had a wild and sorted past, but a conversion will cleanse these sins away. He shall claim compassion yet cause millions to suffer while only the elite few elicit clemency and sympathy. His words will warm the coldest of hearts but numb the minds of countless others (who are pretty numb to anything but the word of what they believe in anyway).

Pretty nifty for my first official prophecy huh?


Blogger Political Vandal said...

Spiffy indeed.

4:20 PM  

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