Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Glory of Christmas

We're fighting a war, my friends. A war on the war on Christmas. The images provided here and in future installments will provide a full ammo clip for any soldier doing holy combat with the demon warriors who would destroy this most sacred of seasons.

Here we have Beckham (as in "Bend it Like...") as Joseph and Posh Spice as the Blessed Virgin Mary.

These people have done everything within their power to ward off the Christmas meteor. (What? You don't know about the Christmas meteor? Scroll way down or heed my warning here!)

If you look close, you can see the words "Remember Jesus." Spiffy!

You know, I love Christmas lights. So do these people. Their page has lots of photos, as well as this timely warning:
There is currently a war in Irag, one in Afghanistan and one going on here in America. The war to remove CHRISTMAS from the American public arena.

I didn't know this birthday cake thing was becoming a tradition...

The following motif is my fav.


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